Red Trousered Guy Elected Mayor with 8.6% of the City Saying 'Yes'

by imcvol
on Friday 16 Nov 2012

type: News Report
topic: Local Government
region: Bristol

On an ultra-low turn out of just 27.92% Bristolians overwealmingly shruged thier shoulders over the Tories much hyped Mayoral elections.  The red-trousered George Ferguson got around 31% of the vote, which given the low turn-out means that only 8.6% of the city activly choose him to be thier leader.  Bristol (via Avon and Somerset) also saw Police Commisioner elections, which saw independent Sue Mountstevens elected.  The elections were bad news for the ConDem coalition who were happed by the few electorate who bothered to turn up. The Tories came 3rd and the LibDems 4th with 9% and 6.8% of the vote respectivly.

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