Winners of Bristol CND's Young Film Maker Contest Revealed

by Secretary, Bristol CND
on Tuesday 20 Nov 2012

type: News Report
topic: Peace
region: Bristol


“Let’s just hope the next apocalypse ... is a zombie one!”. That’s how Billie Appleton of St Brendan’s Sixth Form College ended her winning film “Zombie Apocalypse” in the ’Chance of a Lifetime’  annual competition for young film makers run by Bristol Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. David Sproxton, co-founder of Aardman Animation, who chose it as the winner in the ‘Youth’ (age 17-18 years) category, said how refreshing it was to see a film on a serious subject made with style and wit. The runner up in this category was Adam Davison with “Toybox”, a film with the message that ‘life is precious’.


Winner in the ‘School-Age’ (age 12-16) category was Dorothy Betts of Redland Green School with “Nuclear Bombs versus Smoking”, an animation with the positive message that change is possible. Ryan John won second prize with the beautifully shot “Stickers”.

In the ‘Young Adult’ category, Chris Light took first prize with “World Annihilation V3.0”, an experimental film that addresses the issues of the nuclear arms race from the context of a computer game. The runner up was “Pulp” by Xanthe Young, a clever combination of live action with fresh and visually compelling animation.


“What does nuclear disarmament mean to you, to the world, or for our future? Show us, in a film 30 to 120 seconds long.” That was the challenge that Bristol CND put to young filmmakers across the UK in this, the third annual ‘Chance of a Lifetime’ short film competition. The winning young filmmakers received a total of £1000 worth of prizes, as a mixture of cash for themselves and money towards filmmaking equipment for their schools.


At the prize-giving, which was held at Watershed Media Centre, Bristol (as part of Freshflix, presented by Encounters Film Festival and Watershed), the best of the entries were shown on the big screen, and then David Sproxton of Aardman announced the winners. Following the prize-giving, there was a  discussion on the use of film in addressing social and political issues with leading filmmakers Lee Cox , Professor Chris Morris and Colin Thomas joining David Sproxton on the panel.


All the entries, as well as the winners from previous years, can be seen on the competition website at