Starbucks Tax Protest Saturday 8th December

by fw
on Tuesday 04 Dec 2012

type: Feature
topic: Corporations
region: Bristol
event time: Saturday 08 Dec 2012 13:00

Global giant Starbucks has been using tax dodges to aviod paying millions in tax. Starbucks has made over £3bn in UK sales since 1998 but had paid less than 1% in corporation tax.

Whilst local businesses who pay their taxes struggle through a double-dip recession and prolonged period of stagnation, multinationals such as Starbucks are able to continue making huge profits as they don't pay the 27% corporation tax they ought to. Local services are being cut, public services such as the NHS are being privatised and vulnerable groups such as the disabled are targeted while multi-billion dollar multinationals who could most afford to bear the brunt of the age of austerity pay nothing towards the society that sustains them.

Join us on Saturday 8th December to transform the tax dodgers such as Starbucks into services women depend on, such as refuges and creches.

Meet 1pm at the Band Stand in Castle Park, before heading to Starbucks near Debenhams in Broadmead