Bristol Blues Buster

by Rushlight
on Monday 14 Jan 2013

type: Event Notice
topic: Community
region: Bristol
event time: Monday 21 Jan 2013 10:00

The dreaded Blue Monday is on its way again – but this year help is at hand! 
On Monday 21st January the Bristol Blues Buster will offer practical support to those facing debt, depression and the dole.

Researchers have identified the factors that make the third Monday of January the low point of the year.  Mounting debts, crumbling resolutions and a long, long way till summer combine to make Blue Monday a perfect storm of gloom and dejection.  But this year Clean Slate is working with Bristol City Council to organise a Blues Buster event that provides real help with Money, Jobs, Health and Training – a chance to lose the blues and find your feet!

Bristol Blues Buster is free and open to all.  It takes place in City Hall (formerly the Council House) on Monday 21st January, and is repeated in North Bristol on Friday 25th at Southmead’s Greenway Centre.  Times are 10am to 3pm, and you can drop in whenever you like and browse the help on offer.

Clean Slate is organising the event, with an impressive team of public, private and voluntary sector partners – and MD Jeff Mitchell is preparing for a good turn-out.  “We could have over 500 people per event,” he says. “The need is definitely out there, with low and middle income families and those seeking work under real pressure now.  The idea is to make Blue Monday a turning point, a chance to get on top of your problems rather than letting them get on top of you.  People need to realize they’re not alone with their worries – there’s solid, practical help available.”

The Blues Buster events are free, and open to everyone on a drop-in basis.  Details are as follows:

Central Bristol Event: Monday 21st January (10am to 3pm) at City Hall (formerly the Council House), College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR

North Bristol Event: Friday 25th January (10am to 3pm) at Greenway Centre, Doncaster Rd, Southmead, Bristol BS10 5PY