Why you want to be part of the battle of Hastings against Osbourne's new roads scam

by Crunchy Puddles
on Sunday 20 Jan 2013

type: Event Notice
topic: Protests
region: Bristol
event time: Sunday 20 Jan 2013 07:30

Kebele tonight

This week saw the start of evictions to make way for the road building program- the Tories' great undead project. Defeated by direct action in the late nineties, it's rising from the grave with an eyewatering price tag (?86 million for the first and cheapest) and attendant 'luxury home building opportunities' for cronies. The Hastings /Bexhill bypass, out Brighton way, is the first of a zombie horde set to trash ecosystems, climate targets and communities across the country. If it can be stopped there, other places (including the one planned for Bristol) stand a chance.

Fortunately the fight back so far has featured a bunch of local grannies getting nicked for blocking chainsaws, radical historians challenging 1066 theories and old skool tree and tunnel tactics. Evictions and action are ongoing and there's a national call out for solidarity. For anyone wanting to find out more about badger watching from treehouses, or brainstorming Bristol based support, there'll be a 20 minute session after dinner at Kebele tonight. I just got back and I'm all excited about it.