Call for Stalls and Workshops at Bristol Anarchist Bookfair

by Bookfair collective
on Tuesday 22 Jan 2013

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topic: Community
region: Bristol
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Bristol's 5th anarchist bookfair moves to The Trinity Centre this year, enticed by the possibilities of the green open space outside. Expect a mixture of traditional bookfair inside - that is some 60 stalls, 30 or so meetings & workshops; along with aspects of a fayre outside - outdoor activities, perma-nent-culture, demos, fun & games. Plus there'll be a kids space, and delicious vegan cafe. Entry is free, and everyone is welcome!

We are now taking bookings for stalls, and if you book by 1st February you will get it a bit cheaper. All the info and forms you need to book a stall are on the Stalls page of our website (

We also invite proposals to run meetings & workshops. We have a variety of spaces and sizes both inside and out, some of which will have a specific theme, so do please read carefully the Meetings & Workshops Info before you fire off a form or email. All the info & forms you need are on the Meetings & Workshops page of our website (

The Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is on 20 April 2013, from 11am to 6pm
At The Trinity Centre, Trinity Road, Bristol BS2 0NW

As we enter yet another year of the current economic recession, 2013 needs to be the year that Britain joins up with much of the rest of Europe in resisting the top down austerity measures that see the rich getting richer, and the rest of us getting poorer - the north-west European Spring has got to start somewhere soon!. The Bookfair says loud and clear that 'we won't pay for their crisis', and aims to help in bringing you the information, knowledge, skills and contacts to put that slogan into operation. So whether you are a hardened anarchist, or a pissed off local looking for a dialogue about alternatives to the mess this country is in, you'll find something for everyone at the Bristol Anarchist Bookfair. We'll be seeing you here then!

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