by Cretin Collective
on Thursday 24 Jan 2013

type: Event Notice
topic: Media and Culture
region: Bristol
event time: Friday 29 Mar 2013 07:00

Cretin presents: Expedition!

Featuring Loch Ness, SP Zero 76, Paul Roberts, Bill Giles and Dom Williams on an unbelievable adventure to a distant land. Our heroes travel to a fanciful island where they find flora, fauna, tribes and witness landscapes of a fantastical nature. Their arrival, however, leads to environmental catastrophe and the destruction of the island. The exhibition presents an imagined adventure to an imagined place. While appealing to our sense of adventure and our desire to further our understanding of the world, it also explores the unpredictable effect human intervention can have on an eco system. But is this effect due to carelessness or is it entropy? All that remains and all they could fit in their fictional backpacks will be on show: field sketches, artist renditions, photography, taxidermy, tribal artifacts, maps, diaries and pseudo-educational activity sheets. Cretin are an artists collective working in Bristol and they specialise in fantastic characters, monsters, and bizarre creatures, across a variety of mediums such as painting, sculpture and illustration.

Opens 30th March until 28th April
10am - 6pm Tuesday - Saturday

It's All 2 Much

124 Cheltenham Road, Bristol, BS6 5RW  0117 924 7522
www.itsall2much.com     art@itsall2much.com


Link: http://cargocollective.com/cretin