Stop G8 UK info-talk during RBU Cafe Day

by Stop G8 South Wales
on Tuesday 29 Jan 2013

type: Event Notice
topic: Globalisation
region: South Wales
event time: Saturday 02 Feb 2013 18:00

Stop G8 UK will be in Cardiff on Saturday (2nd Feb) for a short presentation
on the G8 and why it should be opposed, an update by the stop G8 network
and hopefully plenty of discussion about the effect of the G8 on us here in
the UK and others around the world and what we can do about it.


The Red and Black cafe will start as usual at 3pm as a space for workshops,skill-shares, and radical library and free shop browsing, and this is followed by the Stop G8 Pot Luck which will start at 6pm.


Here is part of the Stop G8 call-out: "The G8 facilitates irresponsible greed, corporate protectionism, overwhelming inequality and ruthless exploitation. It is here, at the G8 summit, that the economic, political and military objectives for the year ahead will be discussed and agreed.

The G8 summit allows these self-appointed leaders of capitalism to assert their control of natural resources, no matter what the cost to people and the environment.

We believe there is an urgent need to take action against the G8."


The talk afterwards will be open and inclusive and a chance to ask any questions about the struggle ahead for those of us who oppose the G8.

To find out more, the Stop G8 Network has a website:


And (if anyone remembers "Make Poverty History") see:




Stop G8 South Wales.