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by In solidarity to a true Anti-fascist
on Wednesday 13 Feb 2013

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It's got to be said but ain't it a shame news either of Jock or about him comes via Brighton ABC. Since Jock lived in Easton, Bristol prior to his detention can someone from Bristol ABC or Bristol Antifa explain why more publicity/action isn't coming from Bristol? I can only assume it is down to personal differences. Nether-the-less isn't it being petty you do not support this man? After all he is a political prisoner - after all he fought fascists without heed to his personal safety. Whatever you personal views shouldn't more be done to support and help Jock at this time? Should we all go around only thinking of ourselves? Otherwise why would others want to follow his example knowing there would be no community support at time of need?

A Letter From Jock Palfreeman - Anti-fascist Prisoner On Hunger Strike

Brighton ABC | 11.02.2013 23:24 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Australian Anti-fascist prisoner Jock Palfreeman, serving 20 years in Sofia/Bulgaria for defending two Roma boys from a racist mob, is on hungerstrike from 13th January 2013 because the Director of the Central Sofia Prison has ordered another punishment measure because of Jock´s activist work as chairman of the Bulgarian Prisoner´s Association.

Due to this punishment Jock is now not allowed to finish his studies which is very important to him.

Jock’s health is rapidly worsening as he continues his hunger strike and he is not even allowed to see a doctor as yet another repressive measure by the prison authorities.

He asks for solidarity from all of you by sending a letter to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice. Please start putting pressure now before it’s too late. Jock needs our support!

website of Bulgarian Prisoners Association:

21st January 2013

G-day guys! All at ABC-Brighton,

Well, first of all, the Director stopped me from my Uni degree! See I've been helping other prisoners, obviously part of the union and solidarity with fellow convicts. So to punish me, for my solidarity ie legal advice! the Director of the prison cut me off from the computers where I write my essays. It happened several days ago after 10 guards badly beat a prisoner with batons. I helped the prisoner get legal advice and explained to him the procedure for how to instigate a criminal investigation into their attack. For that I'm being punished in that they are stopping me from my studies.

So on the 13/1/13 I started a hunger strike, I have not eaten since then, I am only drinking water drinks eg mint tea (without sugar) and normal water. I have lost a lot of weight in 9 days but I don't know how much as the prison refuses to send a doctor to me. I don't plan on stopping until I am returned to my studies, but I don't think this director will allow me, so prospects look dim! To help me, please send letters of complaint to:

Ministry of Justice
Diana Kovacheva
No. 1, Slavanska Street
Sofia 1040

I recommend writing as individuals.

22nd January 2013

Hunger strike.... not happy, the worst is that I'm getting bad heart burn from my stomach acids!

Be good guys!
Comrade Jock Palfreeman