ABC Belarus Info Talk @ Wells Hotel, Cardiff

by Cardiff ABC
on Friday 15 Feb 2013

type: Event Notice
topic: Miscellaneous
region: South Wales
event time: Saturday 23 Feb 2013 18:00

On Friday the 23rd of Feb. @ 6pm there will be an info talk by a member of Belarus ABC at the Wells Hotel.

You will hear about the situation of anarchists facing years in prison, the work being done to support them and resistance to repression in Belarus, Europe’s “Last Dictatorship.”

For more information on the prisoners, Belarus ABC, the international solidarity that they have received  and how it has helped, visit afed.

The Wells hotel can be found at 77 Craddock St. CF11 6EW. It has played host to all manner of awesome events over the past couple of months and we can only hop that there’s more to come.