EU to ban Heritage seed?

by Grower
on Thursday 25 Apr 2013

type: News Report
topic: The Environment
region: Bristol

This would obviously impact the active allotment and permaculture scene in Bristol

Regulation on Marketing of Plant Reproductive Material  goes before the EU comissioners on May 6th 2013

If passed it would mean no seed can be sold or even given for free to anyone anywhere in the EU unless it is registered on the EU Plant List as an ‘approved’ variety. This would effectively outlaw Heritage seeds in the EU.

Firstly and most importantly please send a email to the below people.

Email to:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Example email:

Dear commissioner

I am writing to you to ask you to vote against the new Seed Law when it comes before you on May 6th

I understand that you have had no part in drafting it, but as it stands it is seriously flawed. I share the concerns of; Arche Noah, Aprodev, Birdlife, Eurocoop, Friends of the Earth Europe, Grain, IFOAM EU, Save Our Seeds, Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity & Sowing the Future

And ask you to ensure

  • No obligatory registration and certification with sampling for seeds and other plant reproductive material (PRM) that is open pollinating and not protected by a private intellectual property right (IPR).
  • The scope of the regulation must be limited to the marketing of PRM with a view to commercial exploitation and above certain quantities (as defined in art. 8 (2) of Reg. 1765/92);
  • Ensure that open pollinating varieties and seeds bred for organic farming or specific local conditions are not discriminated by norms of (even voluntary) registration, certification and plant health requirements.
  • Micro and small enterprises shall only comply with basic rules concerning the operators as long as they are not dealing with GMO or with PRM protected by IPRs (Plant Variety Rights or patents).
  • Ensure transparency on breeding methods and Intellectual Property Rights associated with registered varieties and plants




More detail: