What to do if you have a complaint about an article, a comment or a member of the Bristol Indymedia collective.

Some points to bear in mind

  • The content on this site is not produced by Bristol Indymedia it is produced by site users.
  • We may have not seen the content put on the site as we cannot constantly monitor content.
  • We check the website as often as we are able to to make sure that the content falls within the editorial guidelines.

What to do if your not happy with comment or article.

One course of action you can take immediately is to publish your point of view by posting your own article or comment.

If you think it breaks editorial guidelines then please let us know, please put the title or a link to the article when you contact us.

I’m not Happy about the actions of a member of Bristol Indymedia.

If you have a complaint about a person who is part of the Bristol Indymedia collective then you can use our grievance procedure:

Grievance procedure-

  1. Contact us with the issue/behaviour on the e-mail list at least 96 hours before the next advertised meeting.
  2. If you are complainee or complainer, Make sure that you are at the next meeting (see the BIMC calendar for the next meeting), or send apologies Contact us at least three hours before the meeting.
  3. At the next occasion where both complainer and complainee are present (b) both will be asked to give details of the concern, each taking a turn to speak with no interruptions, until they have said all they want to.
  4. Both the complainee and the complainer will then leave the rest of the volunteers who will reach a decision as to what action (if any) to take. Consensus will be aimed for, but it may revert to voting if consensus is not reached.


  1. In case of apologies from either party no decision will be taken, if no apologies are received then the issue may be discussed and decisions taken, we will however accept medical notes after the fact and re-run the procedure.
  2. Except in the case as outlined above where either party fails to send apologies and does not attend in which case a decision may be taken in their absence.