Welcome to the new Indymedia site.

Welcome to the new Indymedia site.

Hi people,

Hope you like the new look of Bristol Indymedia, we have been quietly slaving away to bring you a modern updated version of Bristol Indymedia. The new site has had a major overhaul keeping the good stuff and losing the not so good stuff from our old site, as well as adding a few new things as you will see.

Publishing your news:

We have kept the open publishing which means that you can publish stories direct to the site. We have attempted to keep anonymous posting as much as we can using the software modremoveip on our server, but with NSA revelations, you can never assume that you are 100% anonymous, so we have a permanent link to tech tools for activism on the homepage for people concerned about these issues.

Click on the image below to see the new publish form.


We have tried to keep the form as simple as possible, you are welcome to add an author name and give us your email to go on our email newsletter (when we get around to doing one), but this is not mandatory. You can also add images and links to your article. A few new sections are the excerpt and tags boxes which is where you put a brief overview of your article and some keywords about your story, search engines use this to find your story and we use the excerpt as a taster if we feature your article on the home page.

All articles also go into the newswire section that is also on the home page.

New comments system

We now have a log in comments system, this does not record your identity in anyway, but what it does is not allow anyone to steal your commenting id as you have to log in to comment. This also makes it easier for us to moderate comments and keep the trolls away.

New calendar

We now have a shiny new calendar that uses maps, allows for image uploading and multiple ways of viewing, click on images to see the actual pages:

Calendar view


New calendar view

Example calendar entry:


As well as this all calendar entries for the next 10 events from today’s date are displayed on the home page, so you can get a quick overview of whats on tonight or this week.

Blogs sections:

We have carried over all the active Bristol Blogs to the Bristol Blogs section, blogs that had been inactive for over a year have not been included.

We have also added a new Wider Blogs section that we will populate with interesting non Bristol blogs from around the world. Let us know if you have any suggestions for blogs for this section, more guidance on what blogs we accept here.

Blogs open in a nice light box, so you can view posts without having to leave Indymedia site.

Blog post example

Groups section

To publicise all the great groups doing stuff in Bristol and to act as a portal for people wanting to get involved, we have created a new groups section. You can add your group from the front end of the site here and people can search for groups here using a drop down menu (more categories will be added as groups upload their profiles).

Group entries look pretty nice to.


Resources section

This is a section for people to submit links to useful information, for example seeds for change website, basically its a place to add resources to help groups interested in social change. We would love to get your thoughts on what should go in here, send us your thoughts here.

Getting involved as a volunteer

We are currently putting together a new volunteer information page and are hoping to have a meeting in the next month for people interested in helping us out, so keep an eye on the site for that.

Let us know what you think and any problems you experience

We would love to know what you think of the new site and if you are having any problems, let us know here.

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