Bristol Radical History Zone Line up for the Bookfair this Saturday

Bristol Radical History Zone Line up for the Bookfair this Saturday


Roll up, Roll up, Come to the Bristol Radical History Zone this Saturday at the Hydra Bookshop, where you can here about Wally Hope and the Stonehenge Festival, Women Boxers, Street Farms, Asian Youth Movements, World War One resistance and the Bristol film premiere of Epiphany.

Sat 26th Apr 12:00 pm Wally Hope and Stonehenge Festival It’s 40 years since Wally Hope started the Peoples’ Free Festivals at Stonehenge and 30 years since the last one. Wally Dean will tell the tales of… Wally Dean
Sat 26th Apr 1:00 pm The Fair Fight: women boxers in 18th Century Bristol The Fair Fight is a pulsating historical novel set within the world of female pugilists and their patrons in late eighteenth-century Bristol. It is… Anna Freeman
Sat 26th Apr 2:00 pm The Eco-anarchism of Street Farm Steve Hunt will launch his book about Street Farm, published by Tangent Books in April 2014 Street Farm were an anarchist collective that worked to… Stephen E. Hunt
Sat 26th Apr 3:00 pm Black Star: Britain’s Asian Youth Movement Anandi Ramamurthy will discuss the prejudice and political struggles which Asian youth movements have encountered in Britain. Black Star: Britain’s… Anandi Ramamurthy
Sat 26th Apr 4:00 pm WWI Resistance Shirkers, Skulkers, Deserters and the ‘Live and Let Live’ Principle: Everyday Resistance to Combat on the Western Front in World War 1 With Roger… Roger Ball
Colin Thomas
Sat 26th Apr 5:30 pm Film Screening of Epiphany Epiphany : directed by Suzy Gillett : produced by Ian Bone : 2013 Epiphany is a hybrid documentary evoking the Mystics and Anarchists of the English… Suzy Gillett

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