AFEM 2014: active support by Bristol Solidarity Federation.

AFEM 2014: active support by Bristol Solidarity Federation.

Author: Bristol Solidarity Federation

Bristol Solidarity Federation have decided to a message of active support to the organisers of this years AFEM conference. The organisers have responded to this offer and have said that it means a lot to them and they really appreciate, need and value that support.

The organisers want the conference to be as international and accessible as possible.  To ensure this they need translators (in as many languages as possible) for promotional of AFEM 2014 materials and propaganda, as well people on the day to interpret meetings and discussions for us. They will also need people on the day to volunteer to help make all meetings as accessible as possible. If you are able to help please contact Bristol Solidarity Federation and we can forward you details.
There is a  fundrazr page to help fundraise for the conference and to contribute to assist people to travel to the conference.

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