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Sunrise Off Grid Festival is back this year, get involved

Welcome to an open space hand crafted for reconnection and re-imagination. Off Grid is an opportunity to breathe deeply and tread lightly. This summer, join our newly indigenous tribe of builders, growers, healers and storytellers as we celebrate the beginning of an Age of Reunion. In 2014 their emerging community will open the doors of perception and glimpse Another World. This is the Great Turning and we are a People in Transition!

East Bristol Commons Trust

South West Activists getting busy

South west activists, help Spanish worker and block nuclear bomb factory.

Bristol activists join successful Nuclear Bomb Factory blockade

Bristol & SW activists join successful Nuclear Bomb Factory blockade

From Swindon and Bristol: Solidaridad con la CNT

Solidarity action with workers at Santander.

Undocumented and Unafraid- A talk and discussion on building migrant rights movements with US actvisit Carlos Saavedra

Carlos Saavedra has helped train thousands of undocumented students in the United States to speak out about their stories. Together they built the DREAMers movement which has won some of the biggest success in migrant rights movements in over 25 years. Hear him speak this Wednesday in Bristol.


On the morning of the 7th of June protestors from Avonmouth fronted out George Ferguson as he attended the opening of four new wind turbines in the area.

The Government’s hypocrisy on violence against women, and asylum

How can the government claim to be committed to ending female genital mutilation, when they refuse to give asylum to those who are at risk of the crime? When they refuse to see it as a form of gender-based persecution from which women and girls need protecting? How can they make promises to girls in the UK, and break those promises to girls not born in the UK? Read this article to find out more.

New Sainsbury’s Boycott action in Bristol Saturday 7th June

The campaign aims to raise consumer awareness and support for the campaign for Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets to end all trade with companies operating in and exporting from the Palestinian Occupied Territory. Please come and support us. For background info see You can also write to Sainsbury’s using the e-tool at:

Avonmouth Locals impromptu action against new port pollution

Last week something interesting happened in Avonmouth. The local community heard that yet another industry with a poor safety record was heading their way. Someone suggested a demo at a couple of days notice. And a small village got out on the streets.