In Bristol and the rest of the UK, protest seems pretty quiet, especially considering the attacks on us under the Austerity agenda that is fundamentally dismantling the gains of common people such as the NHS, benefits system and much more. Why is this, why are we not seeing massive protests and constant resistance against these policies. Why is it that the protest vote has become UKIP, which as Stewart Lee quite rightly stated is like shitting in your hotel bed because of bad service and then realising you have to sleep in it. There are many discussions being had around the city and wider around this topic. This article responds to two articles by Graeber and Lapavitas, where Jerome Ross puts across his views so you get 3 separate analysis on this issue. What do you think of what they have to say, is this relevant to Bristol and the South West, let us know in the comments.

Easton Cowboys Cricket Club are campaigning to stop one of their cricket players Syed Ahad Rizvi and his sister Anum Fatima being deported (removed in the Home Office’s jargon) from the country. They have been taken from their family and are currently in an ‘immigration removal centre’. The family are seeking asylum after their extended family and community were threatened by the militant groups Sipah-e-Sahaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi which are linked with the Taliban.

Please visit our website to sign the petition and find out what else you can do to help.

Working as a journalist in a war zone can be dangerous enough, but there are particular dangers for local journalists working for external agencies. Qais Najim, an Iraqi journalist who worked as a translator, cameraman and editor in the BBC’s Baghdad office for the last 11 years, will be at the Cube to discuss his ongoing struggle. Frequently challenged and threatened by other Iraqis who disapproved of those working with foreign broadcasters, Qais sent his family into hiding and sought asylum in the UK after receiving death threats last year. He will be showing excerpts of the work he’s produced for the BBC, stories concerning bombings, kidnappings, refugees, clashes & demonstrations in numerous countries in the Middle East. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear first hand what it is like being a journalist in Iraq.

Want to help run film nights, curate the Indymedia site, write opinion pieces, connect with local groups, write articles, help with tech stuff, be an editor or help develop Bristol Indymedia, then now is your chance and no we don’t expect you to do all of this :) Volunteering for Indymedia is like volunteering for all the groups doing good stuff in Bristol at the same time, as Indymedia provides a platform for them to publish news, publicise their events, promote their blogs and publicise their group. It also provides a space for anyone to publish their news of what is happening in their community. Check out the full article to see all the volunteer roles you could get involved in and see you on the 7th May.

Bristol Trades Union Council & Bristol Anti-Cuts Alliance present Bristol May Day Rally 2014. This year we’re highlighting the fight to break the pay freeze and regain income taken from us all by the ConDems. We’re also dedicating the rally to two heroes of the Labour Movement who we’ve tragically lost this year, Tony Benn – a Bristol Socialist Labour MP for many years – and Bob Crow one of the greatest and most effective union leaders in the history of the Movement. Bring your banners & placards & bring your family & your mates!! March will follow circular route back to rally in Castle Park.

“We’re facing … the Americanization of our public services through global corporations. We’re witnessing the great divestiture of all our public institutions…….It’s a political decision whether we can afford things or not, how we pay for them and who owns or controls them…..Everything is affordable if you have sufficient taxation and redistribution.” This lecture will show how the government has abolished the NHS; explain how the new structures will operate and what this means for patient access and what needs to be done about it

UKIP leader Nigel Farage will be speaking at a public meeting in Bath at 7.30pm on Tuesday 29th April at ‘The Forum’,1a Forum Buildings, St James Parade, Bath, BA1 1UG
UKIP has used xenophobia, racism and disillusionment with the main political parties to cynically build support for their bigoted, rightwing, pro austerity Party. We call upon all anti racists and anti cuts activists to join us in a demonstration at The Forum starting at 6.30pm on 29th April

Dignity for Asylum Seekers March to Cardiff 29th May – 2nd June
Dignity for Asylum Seekers are a group of asylum seekers, refugees and allies. Over the past 2 years we have organised big marches in Bristol to raise awareness of destitution and detention.

This year we are planning a solidarity walk at the same time as a bigger walk from Strasbourg to Brussels, to protest against the tightening of Borders across Europe, to resist the system of forced destitution and to raise awareness about issues facing asylum seekers in the UK and Bristol.