200 Youth Inspired to be Drug Free for the New School Year By Foundation for a Drug Free World

200 Youth Inspired to be Drug Free for the New School Year By Foundation for a Drug Free World

Author: Paola Martinez

200 Youth Inspired to be Drug Free for the New School Year By Foundation for a Drug Free World

SUMMARY: Though going back to school may mean gaining new knowledge, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World is making sure students get an invaluable lesson.

CLEARWATER, FL:  For the 7th year, the Foundation for a Drug Free World (Florida Chapter) was on hand at the North Greenwood Community Coalition’s annual Back to School Health and Wellness Event to educate youth about the dangers of drugs.  Inspired by what they learned, 220 students signed a pledge to live a drug-free life. The students and their parents also took copies of the booklet “The Truth About Drugs”, which was made available to them free of charge.
 “I really enjoy coming to this event every year,” said Julieta Santagostino, the Chapter President for the Foundation. “It inspires me to see how interested and proactive these kids are in learning the truth about drugs and seeing how this booklet gives them the tools to make an informed decision to be drug free and helps them not fall to peer pressure because they have the true facts.”
 “One boy, around 12–13, he and his mother came up to me and told me how he was the youngest and how his older brothers had experienced with drugs and he had seen what drugs did first hand, and how as early as 5th grade he had been offered drugs. Though he had continually been saying ‘no’, both he and his mother said that he had seen what drugs do and needed help to help his friends to stay away from drugs,  I gave him a Truth About Drugs booklets so he had the facts to back up his decision and help educate his friends on the truth about drugs.  Another young man came up to me and asked me for more copies so that he could give them to his friends.  He wasn’t the only student in that situation, this kids have a lot of courage and I am glad that I am able to help.” 468 of the booklets were given out. The booklet contains information about the reasons why people take drugs, how drugs work, how drugs affect the body and mind and information about the long-term effects of taking drugs.
 The introduction of the book states, “Much of what you hear about drugs actually comes from those selling them…Don’t be fooled. You need facts to avoid becoming hooked on drugs and to help your friends stay off of them.”
 “This is the main point I see,” said Ms. Santagostino, “that kids need to be armed with the facts. Instead of telling kids to ‘just say no’, get them to see WHY they should. You hear the phrase ‘Knowledge is power,’ it couldn’t be truer here.”

 “The Foundation for a Drug Free World is the largest non-governmentally funded drug education program in the world,” continued Ms. Santagostino. “The program engages youth, empowering them to make their own decision to lead a drug free life.”
 The Truth About Drugs program is a secular program sponsored by the Church of Scientology. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology wrote “Research has demonstrated that the single most destructive element present in our culture is drugs.” The Truth About Drugs program is being used by 1,200 organizations, government and law enforcement agencies around the world. 
 To learn more, please go to www.drugfreeworld.org

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