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Brist’l young ‘uns – Campaigning to Stop FGM & Violence Against Women

This is the most uplifting thing you will watch this summer!.
“Use Your Head” launches Integrate Bristol’s campaign for education on gender-based violence.

Presenting our radical start | homepage for anarchists and comrades

homepage for activists and social revolutionaries with lots of features such as search tools, links and webtools to make your surfing easier

You only get one chance at life

This made my day yesterday, so I had to go back and take pictures. They were asking for it…

50 subverts hit Bristol bus stops over weekend

Over 50 bus stop ads were replaced in Bristol this weekend as part seen the biggest ever unauthorised takeover of outdoor advertising in the uk.

Easton May Day party

Riot Ska Records crew presents…

A benefit for Kebele Social Centre & a May Day gathering!
Thursday 1st May from early evening @ The Chelsea Inn, Chelsea Road, Bristol, BS5 6AU

Easton’s UKIP advert

There’s only going to be more of this sort of nonsense coming to a street corner near you soon. Brushes on a stick at the ready folks.

Organise. Create. Exchange.

This is the simple but effective plan of The Bristol Cable, a new media co-operative launching in the city.

From real local investigations, innovative infographics, community round-table discussions and a people’s history, The Bristol Cable aims to be an essential community resource, presenting different voices and ideas to provide what the corporate press cannot – independent, citizen led, accountable journalism.

The rise and rise of the amateur – how the social economy is taking off, in Bristol and beyond

Article aims to celebrate the increasing engagement in volunteering, public involvement in the community and the rise of community organizations and projects, especially utilising the fast developing online/digital landscape, and particularly, how good Bristol is at doing this.