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This is a critique of both the landowning aristocracy and the Land Registry. Cahill argues that our present system of landownership is of material detriment to the vast majority of home-owners in the UK, while many of the wealthiest landowners in the country pay no rates and actually receive money in the form of grants and subsidies.

In a weekend packed with potentially subversive diversions Avonmouth are adding a spot of front line community resistance into the mix.

Solidarity action with workers at Santander.

The Anarchist Travelling Circus brings you Newport Rising. Workshops and skill shares all week, free cafe all day and free meal every evening. Preparing to resist NATO in Newport.

This made my day yesterday, so I had to go back and take pictures. They were asking for it…

Over 50 bus stop ads were replaced in Bristol this weekend as part seen the biggest ever unauthorised takeover of outdoor advertising in the uk.

Article aims to celebrate the increasing engagement in volunteering, public involvement in the community and the rise of community organizations and projects, especially utilising the fast developing online/digital landscape, and particularly, how good Bristol is at doing this.

Debbie Vincent, animal rights activist was sentenced to six years in prison today. During his sentencing remarks the Judge accepted that there was no evidence Debbie had been present during any criminal acts – she has literally been found guilty by association.

A solidarity protest, with a banner stating ‘Against Animal Testing and State Repression’ was held outside the court, to raise awareness of the case and to show our support for Debbie and Pru and Sven who will be on trial later this year.

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People can write to Debbie at:

Debbie Vincent A5819DE

HMP Bronzefield

Woodthorpe Road
TW15 3JZ

1) ‘Spend on welfare and education, stop fuelling the business of death’. Joint action of UWE students, Bristol Against the Arms Trade and the Campaign Against the Arms Trade student network (nation’s action), part of the Global Day of Action Against Military Spending (#gdams #demilitarise)

2) ‘A university that represses its students is not a university anymore’. In solidarity with politically active students repressed around the country (#copsoffcampus), calling for calling for an independent review of the repression against 20 November 2013 ‘UWE arms fair’ student protests.

The full programme of meetings, and list of stalls, for the 2014 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, has been announced.