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A recent consultation paper, follows on from a compulsory competitive tendering (CCT) process initiated by the local Clinical Commissioning Group overseeing mental health services in Bristol against a background of budget reductions .

Please support us in this campaign to keep all the beds at the Bush residential unit for disabled children

Over 50 bus stop ads were replaced in Bristol this weekend as part seen the biggest ever unauthorised takeover of outdoor advertising in the uk.

There’s only going to be more of this sort of nonsense coming to a street corner near you soon. Brushes on a stick at the ready folks.

Article aims to celebrate the increasing engagement in volunteering, public involvement in the community and the rise of community organizations and projects, especially utilising the fast developing online/digital landscape, and particularly, how good Bristol is at doing this.

The full programme of meetings, and list of stalls, for the 2014 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair, has been announced.

In the Alice in Wonderland world of politics that we seek to enter and influence, economic growth is held to be the norm that guarantees our prosperity. Recession, or contraction, also inelegantly called de-growth, guarantees misery for many because it means unemployment and poverty.