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Are the Avon and Wiltshire Partnership honestly ‘Putting Patients Firts’?

A recent consultation paper, follows on from a compulsory competitive tendering (CCT) process initiated by the local Clinical Commissioning Group overseeing mental health services in Bristol against a background of budget reductions .

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Flush UKIP out of Bath!

Recently, UKIP were invited by a Green Party candidate to attend a protest in Bath against the closure of public toilets. If you object to UKIP being invited to, or attending anti-cuts events, please read, sign and share the open letter below. If UKIP are not disinvited, there will be a pro-public toilets, anti-UKIP presence at the protest. We hope you can make it.

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Sat12Jul – Who Owns Britain? Bristol Teach-In with Kevin Cahill

This is a critique of both the landowning aristocracy and the Land Registry. Cahill argues that our present system of landownership is of material detriment to the vast majority of home-owners in the UK, while many of the wealthiest landowners in the country pay no rates and actually receive money in the form of grants and subsidies.

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East Bristol Commons Trust

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Just across the Bristol Channel: Newport Rising – happening now

The Anarchist Travelling Circus brings you Newport Rising. Workshops and skill shares all week, free cafe all day and free meal every evening. Preparing to resist NATO in Newport.

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UKIP billboard spraypainted in Bishopston

The UKIP billboard advert on Gloucester Rd in Bishopston has been edited slightly.

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Stop the cuts to The Bush Residential Unit for disabled children

Please support us in this campaign to keep all the beds at the Bush residential unit for disabled children

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50 subverts hit Bristol bus stops over weekend

Over 50 bus stop ads were replaced in Bristol this weekend as part seen the biggest ever unauthorised takeover of outdoor advertising in the uk.

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Easton’s UKIP advert

There’s only going to be more of this sort of nonsense coming to a street corner near you soon. Brushes on a stick at the ready folks.

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Bristol People’s Assembly Against Austerity

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