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Curo Housing and the Foxhill regeneration scheme. Potentially dangerous levels of asbestos dust and fibre

3.19 The site investigation found the principal contaminants to comprise benzoapyrene, arsenic, vanadium, copper, nickel and polyaromatic hydrocarbons in addition to asbestos.

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CURO Housing Group gets carried away at the auctions – £6m lost within 24 hours following purchase of former MOD site at Foxhill Bath for £47m.

“The Curo Group posted £5.72 million in impairment charges compared with none in 2012, the largest increase of all housing associations, said the change was the result of the acquisition of a 48-acre Ministry of Defence site at Foxhill in Bath in March 2013.”

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Secure Council Tenants say NO to George Fergusons proposal to privatise our council housing.

Bristol’s secure council tenants say no to the sell-off

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Easton residents fight back against rip-off tenancy fees and insecure contracts

Easton stands up to rip-off letting agents and tenancy fees…

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Sat12Jul – Who Owns Britain? Bristol Teach-In with Kevin Cahill

This is a critique of both the landowning aristocracy and the Land Registry. Cahill argues that our present system of landownership is of material detriment to the vast majority of home-owners in the UK, while many of the wealthiest landowners in the country pay no rates and actually receive money in the form of grants and subsidies.

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What’s been happening in Avonmouth and how can we support it?

Things have been moving fast on Biomass in the last month- there was a body painted invasion of port land, upwards of 50 angry locals have been out on the streets blocking traffic on a couple of occasions, and even the national press is beginning to sit up and take notice.

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East Bristol Commons Trust

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Avonmouth Locals impromptu action against new port pollution

Last week something interesting happened in Avonmouth. The local community heard that yet another industry with a poor safety record was heading their way. Someone suggested a demo at a couple of days notice. And a small village got out on the streets.

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