New Alternative Bristol website launched check it out.

Bristol Indymedia is no longer active and will be being archived at some point, thats the bad news.

The good news is that someone has launched a new website called here is a bit more info from the new site.

Alternative Bristol is a hub to find out about events, groups and news about all things alternative and progressive happening in Bristol. Think of it as a more progressive version of venue magazine it is run by volunteers and is independent from any big press conglomerate. So how does it work? you have the events calendar to the left hand side, in the centre our blog feed and a central blog feed pulling in the latest feeds from Bristols best blogs and there is also groups section where you can find out about groups in Bristol to get involved in. If you have an event you want to post you or a group you want to promote you can do this on the top menu. Welcome to Alternative Bristol, hope you find it useful.

So get using it and promote it around your networks.

So long and thanks for the fish.

Bristol Indymedia.

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