4th April: Behind Perception, Fundraiser for ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome project

4th April: Behind Perception, Fundraiser for ME / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome project

behind-perception-18348_s24th April, 9pm – 2am

Mr Wolf’s, 33 St. Stephens Street, Bristol, BS11JX Directions here.

We NEED HELP & all we require from you is that you come along to the above event….drink, dance and be entertained for the small sum of £3 entrance fee. All money raised on the door has been kindly donated by Mr Wolfs to support the ‘Behind Perceptions’ photography exhibition which will be displayed this Autumn at Hamilton House Oct 18th-Sep 1st.

The exhibition will raise awareness of hidden disabilities. Specifically Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME/CFS and associated Fibromyalgia. All types of people at all ages are affected and at present there is no medical cure. Some of the very distressing symptoms of these diseases are severe and debilitating fatigue, painful muscles and joints, disordered sleep, restricted blood flow to the brain leading to poor memory and concentration, inability for the nervous system to sustain the body in the simple act of standing. Not to mention isolation and depression. Symptoms fluctuate hour 2 hour, day 2 day, month 2 month, year after year.

The fundamental aim of the ‘Behind Perceptions’ project is to highlight that all of these debilitating symptoms can be HIDDEN. Individuals may look well thus be perceived as healthy, however actually be leading very restricted lives. This fact is well known to have a very distressing impact on sufferers as both the medical profession and loved ones struggle with their established perception of disabilities as being visible and constant. Through the art of photography the body felt experiences of individuals with these ‘dis-eases’ will be expressed. The aim, to help others understand, empathise and support sufferers in their healing journey without judgement. I hope you can all be a part of this project by coming along and PARTYING!!!!

Back to the FUN STUFF….the MUSIC! There will be 3 acoustic sets, Charlotte Coupland, Will Tun & Rumba Row. A live hip-hop set by Bison Project and DJs Rastafairy, Ali Baba & Adski playing Ska/Reggae/Hip Hop/House/D&B and who knows what else!!!

Can’t wait to see all you beautiful people gathered in one space and yes it is a school night but hey who cares…you only live once ;)

Much love X

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