Marta’s win – Anglian pays up! Coms blockade off tomorrow.

Marta’s win – Anglian pays up! Coms blockade off tomorrow.

Author: Bristol Solidarity Network

Bristol Solidarity Network is very proud and pleased to announce our second win with Anglian Home Improvements caving in after a mammoth and slightly premature one call communications blockade! Marta has won her fight and has been paid in full with local management comedy duo Bill & Phil making the long journey from Avonmouth to Easton to meet with Marta and a Solidarity Network rapid response team to handover the cash and beg for no more attention directed at their company. This is how we did it!

On Monday 28th April, Bristol Solidarity Network visited the company’s Avonmouth offices to deliver Marta’s demand letter with 10 day deadline. Despite management aggression Marta confidently read out her demand letter and we left with a promise of payment that day.

Quote of the day from the regional manager – “I like a bit of solidarity myself!”

The money owed was not transferred as promised so we moved onto the next stage and planned a communications blockade for the 9th of May. Word spread like wild fire around various networks globally and one have a go hero from Manchester jumped the gun a day early and helped secure us a quick win – thanks comrade! Management tried some Jedi mind tricks on the one caller, insisting they “felt threatened by a group of angry Poles, armed with Lightsabers”. The reality was a 5 year old participant in the action had brought his toy with him.

At 9am on Thursday the 8th May Phil & Bill repeatedly phoned Marta in a bit of a fluster, desperately seeking to meet up and make it all stop. Later that day at a cafe in Easton humble pie was on the menu as they handed the cash over! Direct Action gets the goods! Next ……..

“I cannot believe it was so easy. It would not be without Bristol Solidarity Network. This fantastic group of people is able to win anything! I am so grateful for every minute spent by you to help me! It is too hard for me to express my feelings now because I am still so excited. Just thank you for everything. Everyone should join this group. They are the best inspiration ever.” – Marta.

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