From Bristol with Love is baaaaack for a one-off Euro Elections special! All the normal chitchat from Bristol’s Best Dick Gherkin and Durston Fletcher! We give you the inside track on the bunch chellends standing in the South West Euro constituency! The Gas Inquest: we chart the worst season in Bristol Rovers’ history, lay blame and name names! With the Best of Bristol music from Dr Meaker & Steve Gough! Check it out!!

On Friday people from across Easton will meet for the first meeting of the Easton Community Union, part of ACORN Bristol at All Hallows Hall. ACORN Bristol is a membership organisation that aims to further the interests of of low and middle income tenants, residents and workers. There is much inequality in the UK. The financial crisis is putting ever greater burdens on low and middle income families and their communities. With services being cut back and jobs scarce there is an ever greater need for low and middle income people to band together. Whether through providing each other with advice or campaigning for change we are stronger together.

Bristol is set to become Bristol green capital, but can Bristol really continue to operate as a city based on the drivers of economic growth and capitalism in a planet that has reducing resources and will be experiencing climate change. Bristol has lots of great community environmental projects, such as food growing schemes, energy coops and much more, but is this enough or anywhere near the scale needed to provide all people in Bristol with a decent life. Without a move to more equitable system of living then it will be very difficult. The following article outlines the challenges we all face and they are huge.