Protest against forced adoption at Bristol Civil Justice Centre 21st July, 10:30am

There will be a protest led by victimised mothers and parents at 10.30am on Monday 21 July at Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre, 2 Redcliff Street regarding forced adoption in Bristol. The aim of the protest is to make the public aware of the draconian policy of forced adoption contained in the Children and Families Act 2014 and to follow up on the ITV ‘Exposure’ documentary – ‘Don’t take my child’ – shown this week,

This documentary highlighted serious failings in the social work profession and the family court and their inability to deal with so-called child protection cases in a rational and sensible manner. It also suggested this is a policy that’s being driven by cuts in welfare services and a peculiar political ideology. The policy causes harm and emotional distress to children and destroys families lives forever. It needs to be urgently reformed.

Call Steve on 07747 490902 for further information. ‘Exposure – Don’t Take My Child’: For the first time, leading social workers, barristers, a High Court judge and families torn apart by the process, talk about the subject of forced adoption: A short film on the forced adoption protest at at Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre last month:

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