Bristol Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday, Permanent Culture Now Line Up announced

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday, Permanent Culture Now Line Up announced

Bristol Anarchist Bookfair this Saturday, free entry, workshops on local food, community food growing, the commons, transition and much more.

Full programme here

All day of the 26th April at Trinity Centre 12 to 6pm.

In the Permanent Culture Now Marquee are the following workshops.


12 -1 pm

Social control of the poor with Bristol Claimants Union

A discussion of the control of the poor though debt, means testing and guilt for the benefit of the rich. From past to present the names may change from the Speenhamland System to Tax Credits, but the approach never does.

1pm – 2pm

Set up your own community growing group with Permanent Culture Now

Steve has turned a tennis court into a growing project, set-up Bolton Urban Growers and two allotments. Learn how to start an urban permaculture group, get people involved and make yourself visible to partners and funders.

2pm – 3pm

Local Food Campaigns

Come along and hear from Bristol’s own food campaigners, producers and activists from Trinty Community Garden, Barton Hill Walled Garden, Sims Hill Shared Harvest, Bristol Incredible edible, Feed Bristol and the Blue Finger Alliance and learn how to get involved in a movement that is literally growing.

3pm – 4pm

Transition & Anarchism with Transition Network

Peter explains what the Transition Movement is and how it has grown from small beginnings in Totnes to a global movement of 1200 groups. Followed by a discussion on Transition and Anarchism, are they friends or opposing movements?

4pm – 5pm

Anarchism and the Commons with Tom Henfrey – Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems

Throughout history people have organised to negotiate access to and responsibility for resources held in common. Common property shows participatory governance in action – an alternative to both state and market.

5pm – 6pm

Bristol Indymedia has had a refit

Find out how the new Indymedia site can help your group or what volunteer roles there are for people who want to get involved. If you have used it let us know what you think about the new site and what else we could be doing.

Hope to see you there :)

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