Communications Blockade against Anglian Home Improvements

Communications Blockade against Anglian Home Improvements

Author: Bristol Solidarity Network

Join the action against Anglian Home Improvements wage theft.

Solidarity gets the goods!

Please take a moment to read this call out and take action with us.

Bristol Solidarity Network is accompanying Marta in her fight to reclaim wages stolen by Anglian Home Improvements. Marta is owed £670 for 14 days work she did between January and March 2014. Despite many promises the company has continuously evaded it’s responsibility to pay what they owe.
Following an initial visit to their Avonmouth offices to deliver a letter demanding payment management again made assurances that the wages would be paid that day, 28th April. To this date Marta has received no payment.

We are now calling for a communications blockade of Anglian’s local offices, showroom and management.
Please join this action to put pressure on the bosses to pay up. Let them know what you think throughout the day on 9th May, the day after the payment deadline.
Below are phone numbers, facebook, twitter, and email address to contact. Please express your support and solidarity for Marta and recommend they pay what they owe and stop wage theft.

Marta’s boss, Philip May – 07865 083562 / 01452 835613
Philip’s boss, Bill – 07918 640523
Avonmouth office – 0800 500600
Winterbourne showroom – 0800 393673 / 01454 772404
Customer care line – 0800 9889398
Twitter: @AnglianHome

We would appreciate it if you can let us know how your conversations went by emailing or on

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