Sunrise Off Grid Festival is back this year, get involved

Sunrise Off Grid Festival is back this year, get involved

one-planet-wheel-288x300Thoulstone Park

August 14th – 17th 2014


Welcome to an open space hand crafted for reconnection and re-imagination. Off Grid is an opportunity to breathe deeply and tread lightly. This summer, join our newly indigenous tribe of builders, growers, healers and storytellers as we celebrate the beginning of an Age of Reunion. In 2014 our emerging community will open the doors of perception and glimpse Another World. This is the Great Turning and we are a People in Transition!

Off Grid is a 100% participatory event collaboratively self-organised by the volunteer-led crews behind Sunrise and Cloud Cuckoo Land. Held on the incredible Thoulstone Park near Frome between 14th and 17th August 2014, Off Grid is a limited capacity 500 person event, so book early via Bristol Ticket Shop.

Project Manager Marcus Letts says:

“Off Grid is a unique opportunity to bring together the UK’s most progressive thinkers and practical activists in a temporary space where everything is possible. We’re excited by the potential of Thoulstone Park as a natural development as well as the resilient and independent community in nearby Frome. Over the coming years, we hope that Off Grid can become a living platform for this convergence of like minded people and projects.”

Participants will engage in an immersive educational experience curated over four action packed days. Off Grid College is a 12 module course in practical sustainability, applied permaculture and appropriate technology, hosted within our Tin Village demonstration site and organised in collaboration with Shift Bristol. Meanwhile, our Cloud of Unknowing is a four day conference on subjects as diverse as Wisdom, Love, Work and Play, hosted by Cat’s Cradle with support from the Schumacher College.

Our Circle of Visions main stage will be programmed in collaboration with the unstoppable OneTaste Collective, celebrating our shared experience through live world music and performing arts each evening. The Old Tree is our pub and local brewing co-operative supplying ale, mead, cider, ginger beer and elderflower champagne, hand-crafted for the people and by the people!

Children under 12 will participate for FREE, with our Children’s Fire bringing together the West-country’s finest storytellers and our Off Grid Kids space providing abundant opportunities for inspirational fun and slightly anarchic play.


 Project Manager Marcus Letts says:

“Above and beyond the talks, workshops and performance art, Off Grid is developing a genuinely participatory festival model. We’re inviting everyone involved to share in the co-creative process, with Building Man and Birthing Woman a fundamental aspect of this event’s design. We hope you will feel secure and powerful enough to openly share your unique gifts in these brand new spaces. Welcome to our New Story of the People!”

Building Man is our co-creative Source. This ten day eco build and permaculture design short course will require pre-event registration with only 50 spaces available, so book early.

In 2014 Building Man will support the design and build of a low impact model for smallholdings, disaster management camps or even permanent festival sites. This Tin Village will offer a practical demonstration of existing planning regulations, eco self-build techniques and appropriate technologies. Meanwhile, Birthing Woman is our fertile Womb. It is a safe and secure space for surrender and rebirth as we prepare as a species to heal ourselves and our Mother Earth.

In 2014 this emerging sacred space will host our Gaia Dome, Red Tent, Men’s Circle, Children’s Fire and Wild Woods Bushcraft Camp.



Behind the scenes, Off Grid is designed according to One Planet Living principles. Our intention is to build community resilience and empower individuals, in order to inspire both local abundance and global sustainability. The People’s Kitchen will co-create sustainable food hand-made for the people and by the people, with a 12 meal weekend pass available online for only £30. The Upcycle is our circular economic plan with responsibility shared by everyone who attends the event. Camp Light is our sustainable solution for campsite hospitality, and our sustainable transport solutions will feature a cycle scheme from Bristol and Bath as well as The Big Green Bus, running on recycled cooking oil from Westbury.


 To encourage a shared experience Off Grid’s capacity is limited to a family friendly 500 and will be socially networked from peer to peer. Please book your place early, register for volunteer participation and tell a friend!

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Please contact Project Manager Marcus Letts for more information or to request a further quotation on 07881 208581 or 01935 826000.


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