East Bristol Commons Trust Grants Scheme now open

Taken from Bristol Permaculture list.

*East Bristol Commons Trust: Building common resources for social and
ecological justice in East Bristol.*

The East Bristol Commons Trust is a small collective of people involved in
a diverse range of social change practices who administrate a small funding
pot on behalf of anonymous donors. The Trust exists as a means of
channelling small-scale funding into local projects and organisations which
are working to build common resources for social and ecological justice. We
aim to fund projects which are primarily self-reliant, for whom a small
financial boost could help increase their reach or impact.

In general we provide seed funding for new groups or initiatives rather
than providing funding for ongoing running costs. We are particularly
interested in funding activities which are not eligible for other funds,
for whatever reason. You can apply for any amount but the maximum we will
fund any project in one year is £2000 and our average grant is £600-700. We
give donations on a trust basis to groups or individuals rather than
requiring final reports and receipts.

We may be able to fund your project if you are working in the East Bristol
area and are doing at least two of the following:

Campaigning against unjust / bureaucratic / unhealthy systems

Creating new commonly-held and widely accessible resources

Developing educational resources and/or opportunities for learning

Restoring degraded resources or physical spaces for common use

Creating spaces or opportunities for ecological and/or social solidarity
which traverse existing boundaries

To apply for a East Bristol Commons Trust grant, please email

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