Nato Summit in Newport – September. Organise now.

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Nato Summit in Newport – September. Organise now.

Author: BSTWC

On September 4th and 5th the Celtic Manor Hotel on the M4 at Newport will be hosting a NATO summit. Political and military leaders will be coming from far and wide to discuss NATO’s plans to strengthen its grip on the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the Asian Pacific.

This is at a time when thousands continue to die in NATO’s war in Afghanistan. NATO has been a key part of the USA’s strategy to create tension in Ukraine. Under the cover of NATO, there are nuclear missiles at US bases across Europe.

NATO’s militarism across the world costs billions of pounds. The summit itself will cost millions to stage. At the same time we are told that cuts to public services are essential because there is no money.

And of course, the summit takes place only weeks after the centenary of the start of World War 1 which is a reminder to us all that empire, militarism and nationalism always lead to bloodshed and disaster.

nti-war activists in Wales are planning a series of events around the summit. These include a counter-summit involving people from all over the world, demonstrations both on the opening day of the summit and the previous weekend, direct action, a peace camp and marches to Newport from different parts of Wales.

Newport is only half an hour’s train journey from Bristol. Bristol Stop The War Coalition, Bristol CND, Bristol Against The Arms Trade, Child Victims Of War and others have come together to ensure that people in Bristol know about the summit and NATO’s role in promoting militarism across the world. We will publicise the events being organised in South Wales and encourage people from Bristol to get involved in them.

We plan to hold a public meeting on the issues raised by NATO and the summit in July – look out for details. If there is a walk or cycle ride to Newport from Chepstow or nearby we will encourage people to take part. -if you are interested in this please email us at We shall be meeting several times before July to plan activities. If you are interested in getting involved please get in touch soon.


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