This is the simple but effective plan of The Bristol Cable, a new media co-operative launching in the city.

From real local investigations, innovative infographics, community round-table discussions and a people’s history, The Bristol Cable aims to be an essential community resource, presenting different voices and ideas to provide what the corporate press cannot – independent, citizen led, accountable journalism. Click here to find out about the free workshops we are running to make this a reality.

Article aims to celebrate the increasing engagement in volunteering, public involvement in the community and the rise of community organizations and projects, especially utilising the fast developing online/digital landscape, and particularly, how good Bristol is at doing this.

The two most important new power stations you haven’t heard about… and why you want to ride with us this Saturday… A couple of months ago we found out that we have an imminent and nationally strategic extreme energy threat on our doorstep. One that we may be in a position to make or break. The tide seems to be turning in our favour but it’s going to need a big push. So obviously the best solution is to go for a bike ride with a sound system and eat some cake in a park this Saturday…